About Us

Xtech Web Solutions is a full-service web design, marketing and custom web application development company. We are located in Patna, Bihar associated nationally and internationally and service over 500+ clients nationally and abroad.

Our Company

Our company was founded in 2005 in name of “Abhimanyu Infotech”. Our company expanded internationally in 2013, we renamed the company as Xtech Pro Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Xtech Pro Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is based in Patna, Bihar with remote teams in Delhi and California, USA. Our staff consists of professional software programmers, web developers, website designers, as well as marketing and business consultants.

Our successes are a reflection of our talented and experienced staff. Each individual is self-motivated and creative in their area of expertise. An agile, self-directed workplace creates an atmosphere for our employees to grow and succeed.

Xtech Pro Technologies and its staff are based on a core foundation of values and integrity, which are passed on to our clients, and never compromised.

Our Team

We have an awesome team that really takes pride in the work they do. In fact, our goal is to do what we do best so that business owners can keep doing what they do best without the headaches and hassles of trying to figure out the technicalities of managing a website.

Shivnath Kumar

Rajiv Sinha

  • Web Developers
  • Rajiv Sinha

    Shivnath Kumar

  • Web Developer
  • Bijay Kumar

    T. U. Siddique

  • Web Developer
  • Raghib Hussain

    Vijay Kumar

  • Web Developer
  • Bijay Kumar

  • Web Designer
  • Raghib Hussain

  • Web Developer
  • Kumar Ashish

  • SEO
  • Arti Sinha

  • Admin Back Office
  • Our Source of Business

    Our biggest source of new business has always been referrals for 3 simple reasons:

  •  we truly enjoy what we do,
  •  we get results and
  •  our clients mean everything to us.
  • What We Stand For

  •  We are committed to excellence
  •  We build our clients’ brands as if they were our own
  •  We approach each project like it will win awards
  •  We are passionate about technology
  •  We get giddy about the work we do
  •  We keep our finger on the pulse of the digital marketing conversation
  •  We believe anything can get solved in communication
  •  We all succeed together
  •  We’re human beings working with other human beings
  •  We are champions willing to accomplish what we say we will
  •  We believe ANYTHING is possible with the combination of correct structures, beliefs and work ethic.
  • Our Values

    At Xtech Web Solutions, we pride ourselves in building relationships with our clients, providing loyalty, expertise and a high level of customer service. We strive for customer satisfaction and business relationships that include respect and integrity.

    Our Clients

    As a client of Xtech Web Solutions, we represent you. This means we protect you, maintaining confidentiality of your business practices and ideas. It also means we talk about you in our news blog and socially, and if we do our job right, we hope that you will do the same for us.

    In other words, our success is driven by your success. Word-of-mouth referrals are important to us. Therefore, we not only provide innovative technology, marketing, and web services to help our clients achieve their goals, but we continue to promote your business.

    Our Aspect

    One of the most constructive aspects of our Web Design team is that we take the time and effort to listen to our clients’ overall objectives. We tune in to what you want to sell or promote, what you hope to achieve, and what kind of impact you hope to make. While most Web Design firms overlook this critical aspect of web development, we understand that building a successful web presence often depends on having a clear vision and a strategic path to follow.

    Our Working Methodology

    Xtech Web Solutions makes use of a four-step process to build your website or web application that best meets your needs.

    Step 1 – Planning and Discovery

    This is the phase where we learn about your company or non-profit and get to know you personally. We’ll discuss your vision for the website and suggest the best combination of tools, content and techniques to help achieve the goals you have for your website. During this phase, we’ll discuss topics such as design elements, software platforms, web hosting options, marketing goals, content, site features and plans for the future. You’ll also be asked to provide some other basic information, such as websites that you like the look and feel of and what your future plans for the website are post-launch. At the end of the process, we’ll provide you a written quote for the project so that you know exactly what work will be done for you and exactly what you’re going to pay.

    Step 2 – Design

    After you have agreed to the quote and provided a down-payment, we’ll start right away on creating the look and feel of your website using the design specifications that are provided to us. We will present an initial design for your website, discuss your feedback and make any revisions that need to be made. We will provide a second iteration of the design based on your feedback, and even a third iteration if necessary. Once you’ve given the design your stamp of approval, we’ll move on to the development phase.

    Step 3 – Development

    It’s at this point that the rubber really begins to meet the road. We’ll setup a content management system and any other tools needed to power your website. We’ll take the design and integrate it into a template that works with the selected content management system. We’ll move over the content from your existing website or place the content that you provide to us on your new website if you’re starting from scratch. We’ll develop any custom functionality or integrate any third-party plugins for your website at this point as well. We’ll also perform on-site search engine optimization (SEO) for your website in this phase.

    Step 4 – Launch

    Once the website is complete, we’ll present it to you for review. We’ll make any final changes that are necessary for your website and provide you access to the content management system tools to make changes to your website in the future. When you’re ready, we’ll flip the switch and make your website live for the world to see. At this point, your final payment will be due. We’ll also check up with you every couple of months to make sure your website is running smoothly and make sure that the software that powers your website remains up-to-date.

    Step 5 – Maintain & Support

    Xtech Web Solutions offers ongoing support for any website that we create. We continue to monitor your site, offer email and control panel support after your website has gone live. We conduct onsite training for customers in Patna. For national / international customers we use the latest in online training technologies, to ensure you are able to use the tools available to you to their fullest extent.


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